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Business Resources

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Online Business Research


Website Categories:





Business Libraries Online:






The James J. Hill Reference Library is a private non-profit business reference library, located in Saint Paul, MN. Scroll down to “Hill Library Online Resources”  then select “Best of the Business Web”





Boston Public Library - Business Branch



This site has some excellent links that can be found through their “Business Bookmarks” (rates, census, indexes, and historical stock quotes) and “Selected Business Websites by Subject.”  Their links include national and international directories, trade and export data, news, investment resources (stocks, bonds, IPO’s), economic, industry, rates, indexes, statistics, demographics, and links to other business libraries among many others.



Librarian Selected Sites: 


American Library Association

Librarian selected links to the best business sites online


Librarians Index to the Internet - Reliable business websites chosen by librarians




Internet Public Library

University of Michigan sponsored site with a variety of business websites.







Social Science Information Gateway




UK based site sponsored by universities with “high quality…social science, business, and law” resources.




University of South Carolina Libraries






Categorized list of sites including reference materials online and special “business search” sites.



Government Sites




The United States federal government gathers tremendous amounts of information and statistics on a wide array of subjects.  The Websites below are excellent places to start searching for business, economic, financial, and industry information on the World Wide Web.







Government links for business including country and trade data, business and employment data, and free government publications.








This webpage is called the “gateway to statistics” for over 100 U.S. Federal Agencies.  You can quickly search for data by topic or agency.







This site is sponsored by the General Services Administration and claims to be “the gateway to all United States government information.”  In addition to a browsable directory of government information, it includes a search engine that aims to index all Federal (and state) government Web sites.



Google US Government Search




Google has created a special portal that searches exclusively for government information on the web.  Local, state, and federal government sources are all included and the front page includes recent news headlines.



U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics




Economic, consumer, wage, employment, industry, demographic, spending, occupational, safety and health data are all available from this excellent and well organized site.




US Securities and Exchange Commission




This website offers free financial data including quarterly and annual reports on most U.S. public companies such as 10K and 10Q filings.  In addition to corporate filings, news, laws and regulations, a quick EDGAR tutorial is offered on this site.



Commercial Sites

You should always look critically at information on websites, especially commercial websites!



Big Charts 


This website offers a variety of options to create stock charts and graphs.  The historical stock information is particularly useful (see historical quotes.)


BRINT.com - Business/Knowledge Management/Technology Network

This site is a large and well organized collection of resources for business researchers especially in areas such as KM & Technology.



Polson Enterprises - Market and Industry Research Tools


This page has their method/suggestions on how to conduct industry research.  You many find some of the links

useful. http://www.virtualpet.com/industry/howto/search.htm


Google Insights - use search data to research your market or company




CEO Express




A site with an extensive list of business, news, government, reference, law, and technology links.




CNN Money




This site has concise information on US and global markets as well as stock market data.




Fuld & Company




An established competitive intelligence firm (business and industry research.)  Their website offers links to numerous and useful free online resources.



Google Business Directory



Thousands of business links and resources online.



Wall Street Executive Library


Hundreds of useful links for business people and researchers.





Yahoo Finance




A substantial amount of free information and data including news, financials, stock research including current and historical data, and currency data.  Yahoo has created an “Education Center” with some interesting glossaries and tutorials.





Research Small Businesses Online - Manta.com



Registration required.  Able to search 57 million small and medium sized businesses.  Our Hoover's database

provides access to information on large public corporations.  Access our electronic databases by logging into

the webcampus portal if you are off campus or clicking on electronic databases from our library homepage at




Local Business Resources










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